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Cymbrie Pratt Trepczynski Memorial Scholarship

The Cymbrie Trepczynski Memorial Scholarship was established as a tribute to Cymbrie and as a way to continue her example of service to others. The scholarship will be awarded to adult students, much like she was, that are going back to school and pursuing a Certificate in Archival Administration at Wayne State University.

Cymbrie Trepczynski’s life encompassed the roles of mother, teacher, librarian, anthropologist, archivist, and dedicated friend to many. With her love of history, it was natural to be extremely interested in archeological excavations. She participated in three different digs in Israel in addition to a Huron Indian dig in Ontario and an Adena/Hopewell Indian site in Indiana. She graduated in 1967 from Alma College with a degree in history and philosophy. After Alma, Cymbrie earned a teaching degree from Wayne State University. A member of AFT/DFT, she worked as a teacher in the Detroit Public Schools for many years. She also did graduate studies in Anthropology.

Cymbrie Pratt , a third generation Grosse Pointer, married fellow anthropologist, Chester Trepczynski, in 1970. They had two children, Cymbrie Ann and John Michael. Following their divorce in 1992, she sought another career. Once again her love of history led her to get a Masters Degree in Library Science with Archival Administration Certificate from Wayne State University in 1993. She worked for Archive Impact which handled General Motor’s Media Archive work for several years. She also worked on two side projects that she was especially proud of: the Detroit Federation of Teachers Archival Papers at the Walter P. Reuther Library and the Erin Township Records Collection. This collection was a mammoth compilation of records involving St. Clair Shores, Roseville, Harper Woods and East Pointe.

In the midst of this “career change” Cymbrie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a mastectomy in 1993, she remained cancer free for just over eight years. In 2001, metastasized cancer was found. She had chemotherapy and radiation treatments but was not able to slow down the cancer’s progress. Despite a broken hip and Stage 4 cancer, Cymbrie gave a “Celebration of Life” party for herself in June 2004.  Thanks to so many friends and family, it was indeed a wonderful celebration.  This feisty, highly intelligent lady determined that she had things to do and her time on earth would not be over until they were accomplished. Cymbrie lost her valiant battle with cancer on April 18, 2005.

Anyone that ever met Cymbrie became her lifelong friend. Her warmth, humor and compassion for others, even while in hospice astounded all who knew her. In order to honor her strength, please consider a donation.

Contributions may be sent to:

Cymbrie Trepczynski Memorial Scholarship

Walter P. Reuther Library

Wayne State University

5401 Cass Ave
Detroit MI 48202

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