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Assessing the Commercial Value of Your Archives

Presented by Archive Media Partners

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(12:00pm-4:00pm) Assessing the Commercial Value of Your Archives

The popularity of history on cable, network and public television, as well as internet auction sites increase the potential for archives to take advantage of the expanding interest in history and nostalgia. Yet it is sometimes difficult to know where one should begin.

·        What makes an archival collection commercially valuable? 

·        Which items, formats or content have the potential to become a source of income for an archival institution?

·        How does one start a marketing program?

·        What types of products sell? 

·        What questions should you ask an attorney in order to market your images?

Learn how to evaluate the inherent, artistic and historical value of archival collections for marketability.  This session includes an overview of how to establish pricing and procedure guidelines, as well as an introduction to evaluating merchandising vendors.  This practical workshop gives you the framework including real samples from various archives.  

Who is Archive Media  Partners (AMP)?

Archive Media Partners employs archivists and librarians working for other archivists and librarians.  AMP offers process management recommendations, customer services evaluations, technology testing, thesaurus construction and full-service indexing.  The company was founded by Kim Schroeder, who is a part time faculty member at Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science . She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration.  In 2001, her alma mater recognized Schroeder as an Emerging Corporate Leader.  She is supported by a multilingual team of subject experts and information professionals.  The team has succeeded in indexing more than 1,000,000 images and thousands of hours of footage for clients across North America. 


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Registration Fee:  $60.00



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