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Research Services

  • Content Identification

Our staff of subject specialists can help to identify content in film, video and imagery.  Some of the disciplines that we can specify include popular culture, entertainment, animals, botany, geology and medicine.

  • Historic Period Verification

While producing documentaries, feature films or novels, creators often need research in home decoration, fashion, and daily life.  Our researchers can verify time period accuracy so your “scene” is properly set.

  • Building History Research

The history of a building creates a “sense of place.”  This sense of place is of increasing importance in a modern age where nuclear families and our reliance on electronic and wireless media are the norm.  In an age where corporations and individuals may seem truly rootless, the history of a location can attract and connect individuals and companies and reinforce community.

Why trace the history of a building?

  • Renovation

  • Exterior appearance

  • Preservation easement benefits

  • Tax credit programs

  • Architectural or historical interest

History Sells:

Witness the successful communities of:

  • Mackinac Island, Michigan

  • Madison, Indiana

  • Galena, Illinois

  • Charleston, South Carolina 

Documentation provided, where available:

  • Past owners of a building or property, its occupants and its neighbors

  • Narrative of commercial structure naming

  • Photocopies of original permits and subsequent work done on the building

  • Discussion on builders and architects

  • Reproductions of historic photographs pertinent to property, ownership or usage

  • Photocopies of historic maps showing changes over time

  • Information on the development of a specific block, including dates other buildings on the block were built.


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