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Metadata Services

  • Audio Transcription

Transcription of oral histories, meetings, interviews or other events from tape or digital file in the format of your choice.

  • Document Indexing

Text documents and book indexing to your standards. Indexes of keywords, subjects, geographic locations, graphic materials, notable persons, proper names and other categories, according to client needs.

  • EAD

Development or conversion of finding aids in EAD, to your chosen standards and requirements.

  • Historical Document Transcription

Our knowledgeable staff will transcribe handwritten or typewritten documents, paying attention to historical period style and meaning.

  • Metadata Development

Our years of experience in metadata development will assure the success of your project, whether you are improving an established controlled vocabulary or building a new one from scratch. 

  • Metadata Normalization

How many ways have your catalogers found to spell a city, street, person or product's name?
Do you have abbreviations and fully spelled out words in your controlled vocabulary representing the same term?

Have you considered all synonyms for commonly used terms, including international spellings?
Archive Media Partners staff can help you control your controlled vocabulary through metadata normalization. We will identify and/or modify unapproved  terms to your standards, improving the accuracy of retrieval

  • Metadata Entry

Our staff of professional indexers will provide accurate metadata entry, using your provided specifications, or help you to create those specifications, if you have not developed them.

  • Microfilm Transcription

AMP can take your microfilm documents and transcribe them with accuracy and quick turn around times.  Handwritten documents can be made searchable. All film formats possible. Indexing services also available.

  • Motion Image Indexing

This medium provides its own challenges for indexing which include layers of data. It is not enough to generally label it only with a subject heading describing its core content, other layers need to be described to make it fully searchable. Some aspects that might be indexed include:

- Audio including narration, actors, music and sound effects

- Visual including styles, techniques, characters, background, etc.

- Bibliographic data such as Producer, Director, Running length, Rights, Actors, Narrators, Copyright, Reproduction Restrictions, Format, etc.

  • Still Image Indexing

Building consensus to describing visual images is a task not entered into lightly. Our experienced staff understand “Visual Literacy” and its base in user needs. Assessing the data needed for accurate searching is part of this process, as well as analyzing the layers within the images. Core content, Objects, Style and Implication are all important in the creation of usable records.

  • Translation Services

We have staff members who are fluent in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Other languages available upon request, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and others. Contact us for details.


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