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AMP Accomplishments

  • Archival Processing

Appraised, processed, described and re-housed the archives of a national service company, including a 600 box backlog of text and media collections, for a proposed museum.

Appraised and created finding aid for 5,000 box video and film collection.

Appraised and processed archival document collections for local non-profit and historical associations.

Created archives for various corporations which included database design, collection development, user assessment, metadata/thesaurus standards, production levels, project management, licensing and rights management.

Coordinated workflow for preservation, identification, scanning and indexing for a collection of more than 3,000,000 images covering a 90-year span.

Organized and inventoried talent files on a global basis for Fortune 100 companies

Preserved and arranged for archival storage of historical images dating to the 1850s.

Worked with archival storage vendors to create stable environmental controls.

  • Audio/Visual Digitization and Description

Encoded and indexed over 20,000 video clips of commercials representing over 50 years of advertising for a Fortune 500 company.

Indexed and digitized 100,000 archival images in one year.

Installed and configured a video encoding solution in an academic environment and designed an XML metadata scheme for a nation-wide criminal justice program.

  • Marketing

Created a revenue-generating corporate archive for a Fortune 100 company.

Created and taught marketing ideas for various clients for promotion and fund-raising, including developing marketing merchandising concepts, newsletters (both traditional and online), user studies, focus groups, and a variety of other outreach concepts.

  • Metadata

Received over 20,000 catalog cards for a 100 year old institution with inconsistent metadata and transcribed  into a standard database.

Examined and researched hand-written corporate meeting minutes from a more than 150 year old company and transcribed them with a high degree of accuracy.

Created an automotive thesaurus containing more than 30,000 terms, working with subject experts. The first known of its kind, it has a hierarchical structure that relates body styles, automotive parts and car models into one search tool.

Created a thesaurus for a well known entertainment company.

Designed metadata schemes for various clients including B-roll description for cable production companies.

Developed a methodology and template to categorize and index moving film.

Developed a thesaurus and indexed thousands of video clips and B-roll for a well-known nature documentary company.

Developed metadata strategy for new stock house via focus groups and competitive assessment.

Developed Visual Indexing Workshops, which introduced the concepts and methodology of still and moving image indexing.

Developed vocabulary for subject categorization of documentaries.

Developed XML indexing/metadata schema for television commercials and production material.

Indexed 500,000 clip art images in 14 months for a leading software company.

Indexed masters, submasters, and B-roll for hundreds of documentaries.

Translated and indexed international commercials into dozens of languages.

  • Process Management

Developed procedure manuals for educational,  commercial and private digitization projects.

Facilitated communication within a non-profit organization regarding a large-scale digitization implementation.

  • Research

Research on historic buildings for individuals, corporations and developers.

Corporate history and historical period research for small and large organizations.

Designed web-based curriculum for library and information science programs.

Provided research services on talent files for the last 15 years for various corporate clients.

Researched & supplied images for more than 1,500 documentaries representing all major cable documentary channels. Also supplied images to major publishers, newspapers and stock houses.

Research for digital asset management system implementation for a variety of public & private organizations.

  • Technology Tools

              Evaluation of DAM systems

              Negotiations with vendors to create successful implementations

              Social networking design including Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Second Life

              Needs assessment and focus groups for choosing technology




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